CEO Message

"We offer innovative technologies and services to help each, and every member of the enterprise be at their best productivity."

Imagine. Change. As you can imagine, Ricoh has always driven customers and partners’ success with a spirit of creative change and innovation.

With the most intense and ever-changing digital environment in Korea, Ricoh Korea not only supports the improvement of digital office environment, but also provides all services, including IT services, commercial printing technology, printers and multifunctional printers, document management solutions.

In addition, we help our customers strengthen their core competitiveness and increase their value through the best services and innovative technologies such as office environment improvement consulting and one-stop service support so that each company can achieve the best work efficiency.
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Youngchul Park
President & CEO
Ricoh Korea Co., LTD.
In order to provide the value of "cleaner and smarter office environment," Ricoh defined Ricoh's service as "Empowering Digital Workplaces" and is working hard to establish the best office environment with our customers.

Ricoh is a company with a corporate culture based on 'Love'. With Ricoh's philosophy of loving neighbors, countries, and work, all executives and employees of Ricoh Korea are working with a heart of cherishing each other, loving Korea, and enjoying it.

Based on this Ricoh’s philosophy, Ricoh Korea, which has internally promoted the friendship and growth of executives and employees, will help customers achieve the best value by providing the best working environment.

When the customer imagines it, Ricoh makes that change.

With a sense of mission that we can grow together only when our customers grow, we will do our best to move forward with our customers toward a bright future.