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RICOH Card Authentication Package

Quick access to secure printing

Adding a layer of necessary security to your document printing,means added obstacles for your employees. Use your employee ID card toquickly swipe and release print jobs.
  • Eliminate uncollected or mistakenly taken print jobs
  • Provide access to printing, copying, scanning, and faxing

Instant access, improved productivity

Use this software solution as an add on to secure print release printing, likeRicoh GlobalScan NX and Enhanced Locked Print. Instead of requiringmanual log in at the device, a card reader offers instant access to print jobsand functions. You can print queued jobs, or copy, scan and fax files.Combined with GlobalScan NX, workflows and scanning processes can beset to card credentials for extra automation. Print rules can be assigned aswell to limit the costs associated, like colour printing or finishing.

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  1. Centrally managed
    Web based administration makes it easy to set privileges based on usergroups
  2. Reduce costs
    Eliminates the waste associated with uncollected printing
  3. Card reader convenience
    No need for lengthy log ins, just swipe your card at the device and print
  4. Prevent waste 
    Reduce your environmental footprint by not printing unwanted jobs