RICOH Always Current Technology

Update your Ricoh Multi-Function Devices by downloading the latest features to help you optimise your document management workflows.

  • Future proof your investment
    Customers can enjoy the latest features by downloading them directly to their RICOH Always Current Technology supported devices.
  • Timely new features
    New features and functions are developed based on customer feedback from all over the world. They can be easily downloaded through the RICOH Always Current Technology platform.
  • Intelligence that is scalable and adaptable
    Ricoh will release a variety of modular features that cater for different operations. Features that not only support document creation, but also help to improve workflow efficiency.
  • Latest security features that protect your machine
    RICOH Always Current Technology allows your device to be updated with the latest security features to protect your machines from malware and virus.

RICOH Always Current Technology features availability are subjected to different regions and countries.

Please contact your local representatives for more information.

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